This post is for my friend Rylie because he’s sad about snakes not being able to be hand models. it’s okay, snakes can do so much more let me show you don’t fear

1) snakes can be really bright wow!!!! 2) snakes can do twist themselves into amazing shapes 3) they can stretch across the room 4) they look good in every hat

snakes can do so much look at that one with the party hat, he’s going places.

none of these snakes are my snakes and none of these pictures are my pictures but congratulations on your great snakes



Look who’s finally arrived! :D

My first look at him was with an open mouth…the little bugger wanted OUT of his snake bag! Struck at me twice, realized I wasn’t food, and explored calmly.

While I haven’t given him a name yet, Beau has. “No matter what you call him, I’m calling him Yuuki. (Yuuki Terumi, BlazBlue)” Terumi might stick whether I like it or not!

Time to order some rodents!



Oops I fell in love with an ivory. UGHH. He was a massive asshole and bit Nathan but sweet jesus I AM IN LOVE. I would have given my left leg to take him home… which is saying something considering they had a gosh darned PIEBALD there and pieds are my dream.

In love with his face. In love with his dark blue eyes with his red pupils. Super in love with his dorsal pattern. Ultra in love with his tail. It started to get purple

Cjdkkskwajg oh god I wanted him. What a babe ugh UGH

It was my first time actually seeing an ivory in person and UGHHHH